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I love working with people and watching them succeed. There’s nothing more rewarding for me than seeing people turn a difficulty into positive and lasting growth. Since I’ve helped so many people do this, I know you don’t have to wait to experience the positive change you want.


Richard has been my life coach for well over 10 years. At some point, when I realize a problem has become too knotty for me to solve myself, I call him. I call him because I can count on Richard; he’s a warm and empathetic listener, shares just enough of himself that I know he really understands what I’m struggling with, has an encyclopedic knowledge of human strengths and weaknesses (but he always speaks to my strengths), and has a wonderful sense of humor which he uses (when appropriate) to help me create distance from the problem so I can view it objectively. He uses all of this to guide me to coming to my own understanding and to solving my own problems. I cannot count the number of “ah ha” moments I’ve had in his company. When we first started our coaching relationship we spoke more frequently but as I have grown and healed, in part because of his help, we speak less often. In a way, that’s the one thing I regret, I really enjoy our sessions in addition to being very grateful for his help.

Howard Rontal, Licensed Massage Therapist, and founder of the Myofascial Release Massage Seminars,   LCC


Over many years now, I have been fortunate enough to have Richard Silk as my personal counselor and advisor. In navigating the challenges of relationships, parenthood and business ownership, I have found Richard to be uniquely qualified to provide valuable advice in all of those areas. Richard has a wonderful way of untangling the “dilemmas” that I bring to our sessions and helping me to clearly see their root causes. Based on these understandings, Richard helps me to uncover the appropriate steps to bring sanity and joy into a previously stressful situation.

Richard is like a voice of reason in the storm. He is a veritable wealth of insights and helpful advice, and a true pleasure to talk to. Truthfully, I have found each of our sessions to be among the greatest investments I have made for my business, my relationships and myself.

Sean Olsen, President, Crestmark Architectural Millworks

“Richard brings a rich, insightful, loving, and in-depth understanding of the parent-child relationship, and is lively, humorous, and full of practical wisdom. After only two coaching sessions with my grown daughter, I saw a marked difference in her relationship to her 10 year old son, especially relative to issues of discipline.”
Toni Vidor, daughter of movie director King Vidor
Malibu, California

“I experienced Richard’s seminar as a profound and compelling call to step up, with courage and joy, to a higher level of responsibility regarding the central emotional issues and relationships of my life. It was also an opportunity to do so in the seminar’s unique environment. Engaging, challenging, surprising—and fun.”
Dan Joy, co-author of Better Sex Through Chemistry and Counterculture Through the Ages
Washington D.C.


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